Monday, April 25, 2016

Product Review: Windsor Chariot iScrub 26” Floor Scrubber


When it comes to efficiency and productivity, equip your office or commercial space with a walk-behind floor scrubber that surpasses the rest of the competition. The Windsor Chariot iScrub is easy to use and a huge money saver in energy costs. And to save you even more money, we’re offering this 26” used and fully reconditioned model here at a very small fraction of a new unit’s list price.

Our reconditioned Windsor Chariot iScrub, a 26” cylindrical auto floor scrubber for sale at Southeastern Equipment & Supply has only 437 hours (18 days) of previous use. We’ve taken special care to replace parts and accessories that experience the most wear and tear, such as filters, hoses, brushes and vac motors, as well as crucial performance items, such as batteries and chargers.

Agile Cleaning

This Windsor Chariot floor machine is designed to scrub cramped, high-traffic areas, making it an ideal solution for schools, hospitals and office buildings. The difficulty in cleaning such spaces is in accessing tight little corners and maneuvering around people and objects, but the 26” cylindrical iScrub is compact and narrow enough to overcome those difficulties. Its full-circle visibility allows the operator to spot obstacles and safely navigate around them. The unit can be moved to any room or hallway in the building and even rolled right into an elevator with people already inside.

Straightforward Cleaning Control Dial

It doesn’t take a genius, nor an extensive amount of training, to operate the Windsor Chariot iScrub. It has a smart control panel with seven preset modes, which include low- and high-speed transport options, an EcoMode, normal and heavy cleaning options, a vacuum-only mode and a double-scrub mode, to optimize cleaning performance. Each level is depicted with clear images, which removes the uncertainties of vague drive controls and allows for more consistent cleaning.

Save Energy With EcoMode

One programmed level you may find yourself using the most is the EcoMode. On EcoMode, the Windsor Chariot iScrub will scrub using less battery, water and pressure and emit less noise, which is perfect for day cleaning during normal business hours while the building is occupied. By being able to run without interrupting the day’s workflow, it essentially pays for itself in saved energy costs because it scales down the amount of electricity needed during the night.

Combined with simple drive controls, the ability to navigate complex environments and the handy EcoMode, the Chariot iScrub is a leader in productivity. Find a beautifully reconditioned unit here at Southeastern Equipment & Supply.