Monday, June 27, 2016

Environmentally Friendly Industrial Cleaning Trends

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The industrial cleaning market is expected to reach $50.24 billion by the year 2020. Given the sheer magnitude of this booming industry, it’s not hard to find examples of the use of industrial cleaning products all around us. Many chemicals used have been proven to be dangerous to the environment. It’s for this exact reason that many companies are moving toward more environmentally friendly industrial cleaning solutions. Operating in an eco-friendly manner has many benefits for commercial cleaning companies, but the most important is the impact on the environment, and ultimately, people. Maintaining green practices is critical to making sure that we are respectful of the earth’s resources and the environmental spaces that exist around us. Read on to learn more about emerging environmentally friendly trends in the commercial cleaning industry.

Many industrial cleaning products contain hard-to-source minerals. To maintain environmentally friendly practices, these minerals should be gathered ethically. The Conflict-Free Sourcing Initiative, or CFSI, is an organization dedicated to developing and ensuring best practices for mineral sourcing. Recently, its membership has been bolstered by several industrial cleaning companies joining the ranks by following the standards set forth by the CFSI. This is just one way that industrial cleaning product companies are beginning to minimize their environmental impact, and we can expect to see more of this trend for years to come.

Another trend within the industrial cleaning market is the use of natural and non-toxic industrial cleaning products in conjunction with the use of machines and equipment. These products are manufactured without the use of ammonia, acids, harsh caustics, dyes, fragrances, chelating agents, silicates or butyl depending on the specific product. Using products that have non-toxic chemicals can reduce or eliminate the harm caused to the environment, namely toxic waste finding its way into rivers and other water reservoirs. Using environmentally friendly products also gets rid of toxic or chemical irritants in commercial spaces where these cleaners are used. This is important, because frequently these cleaners destroy the ecosystems to which they are exposed. In addition to the environmental impact, these chemical compounds can cause skin irritation or contact dermatitis for people who are exposed. The use of non-toxic chemicals is one trend that we’re sure to see more of over time.

One more way that cleaning companies are affecting their environmental footprint is through reduced water usage. Traditional cleaning methods can have a huge impact on water conservation efforts, and industrial cleaning equipment has been known to use tons of water while cleaning commercial spaces. New cleaning methods have resulted in diminished water usage. For example, the dry-centered carpet cleaning method uses 99.5 percent less water than a water-based cleaning system. This is approximately 50 gallons for every 10,000 feet of carpet cleaned! Advancements like these are at the forefront of environmentally friendly developments in the commercial cleaning industry.

Although it may seem like the industrial cleaning industry is making miniscule changes, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Many of these improvements can result in a substantial positive change in the way that companies handle toxic waste. Ultimately, preserving the planet and its resources is of paramount importance, and trends in the commercial cleaning industry support this goal.