How To: Replace an ec-H2O Cartridge

Replacing the ec-H2O Nanoclean Water Conditioning Cartridge Kit (Nobles & Tennant)

Here are some facts about cartridge replacements that may help you when using and replacing ec-H2O cartridges: 

  • Cartridge will need to be replaced if it reaches max water usage or if it expires.  
  • New cartridge can last up to 24 months depending on the machine's usage.  
  • The shelf life of an un-installed cartridge is 1 year.

Installation Instructions

Install Time: 30 minutes

SAFETY REMINDER:  Stop on a level surface, turn off the machine, and set parking brake if equipped.  

1.  After locating the cartridge, make sure to take note of how it is currently oriented (Southeastern's tipsnap a photo before removing it so you can compare when installing the new one). 

2. In order to disconnect the two hose connectors, press the gray collars inward and pull the connectors out.  Then discard old cartridge.

new cartridge, write current date on the new cartridge label.

3.  Remove the two plugs from the new cartridge and install in the same orientation as the old one.  Align the tabs with slots in holder to prevent the cartridge from rotating.  Make sure the hose connectors are fully inserted into the cartridge.

4.  Reset timer on ec-H2O module for the new cartridge. 

Before performing the next procedure, please read carefully all the following steps:
  • Turn key on.
  • Press and hold the service switch, located on the ec-H2O module, for 10 seconds.  After releasing service switch, the three solution flow indicator lights will begin to move back and forth.  
  • Within 5 seconds after releasing the service switch, while the three indicator lights are moving back and forth, press and quickly release the solution flow button located on ec-H2O module.  

The three indicator lights will then blink three times to indicate timer has been reset.
Repeat process if the three indicator lights do not blink three times.  

After replacing the water conditioning cartridge, the ec-H2O system will automatically override the selected solution flow rate for up to 75 minutes.  

**Installation photos and information provided by Tennant company 


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