Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Gym Floor Maintenance

Imagine for a moment, 12 individuals grinding out the last few minutes of a 20-minute high-intensity workout consisting of two 25 feet overhead walking barbell lunges, chest to bar pull ups, and bar facing burpees over the bar. Not just 20 minutes to complete these movements, but 20 minutes to complete as many rounds of these movements, and by a round I mean 25 foot overhead walking barbell lunges with 95 pounds on the bar for men and 65 pounds on the bar for women, eight bar facing burpees over the bar, 25 foot overhead walking barbell lunges (same weight), and eight chest to bar pull ups. Yes, all of that is one round! Seems like a lot of work, right? Let’s add some variables to that equation: it's 98 degrees outside, so inside a non-air-conditioned facility it could be anywhere between 85 to 90 degrees with a slight breeze. This means lots of sweat. Don’t forget the humidity factor. That doubles the sweat. Since they are sweaty and they have to use a barbell and do chest to bar pull ups, they also are using a lot of chalk so the bar does not slip out of their hands nor their hands slip off of the bar. Did I mention it is 20 minutes of this? Now imagine the clock has ticked down to the last second and all 12 individuals stop where they are, thankful they have survived another grueling workout and just lay out on the ground gasping for air (even the hot, humid kind) creating what is affectionately called a “sweat angel”. Their sweaty bodies have now made contact with a gym mat that has had countless of people do the exact same thing as they have done- worked out, got sweaty, and laid out. That gym floor has also seen lots of dirty shoes and that pesky chalk dust we talked about. This is what most typical CrossFit gyms are like. I know what you are thinking, “Another CrossFit cult victim writing another CrossFit article because all they can think and talk about is CrossFit.” Before you stop reading, let me assure you this article is not about the cultish CrossFit movement. It is actually about that gym floor I had mentioned.

If that gym floor that just endured that workout along with those 12 individuals did that five or six times that day, six times that week, with the stifling heat and humidity factors without being cleaned properly, it has now become a cesspool of germs- a breeding ground for a very dangerous infection known as staph. So, now begs the question, “How can this be avoided?” Well, I’m glad you are still reading.

  • Train members to clean up after themselves. I don’t have a fancy hyperlink for this but I can tell you what I tell my athletes, “Wipe down your bars and if you created sweat angels or used chalk, clean them up.” This step, although third on this list is really important for maintaining the cleanliness of a gym and it’s just hygienically well mannered.

Three short, easy steps can keep a CrossFit gym clean and safe for all athletes. You do not even have to pay a cleaning company to come in and clean your mats for you. This is something that can be done by you, the manager, the last coach of the night, or a member that is looking for a discounted membership. Your investment in these vital products will save you lots of money and time in the long run, not to mention the safety of your athletes. If you take anything away from this article, let it be that CrossFit gym floors can get very dirty, so just give us a call to help you clean your gym.

About the Author: 

Maile Miller has been part of the team at Southeastern Equipment & Supply since early 2007. Growing up as a Military Brat, Maile developed the essential trait of adaptability and honed her problem-solving skills; Both of which have proven to be key ingredients to Maile's personal success with the company. Over the years, Maile has worked in nearly every department. However, while finding ways to make regular contributions throughout the company, she currently focuses her energy on Managing the Accounting Department. For the past four years, Maile has dedicated much of her spare time toward her love for CrossFit; Through which she has - as we have come to expect - found competitive success as well.


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