Product Spotlight: Nobles Speed Scrub 2001 – 20”

A Nobles Speed Scrub™ 2001 is normally listed for about $4,500, but a unit from Southeastern Equipment & Supply, Inc. is only $2,300. How? Our unit is a fully-reconditioned unit that includes the following new parts:
  • Vacuum motor
  • Batteries
  • Wheels
  • Squeegee blades
  • Gaskets
  • Hoses
  • Filters
  • Skirts

Top Quality for About Half Price
These reconditioned scrubbers have been completely refurbished to make them operate like new. You have the option of using either brushes or pad holders, and scrub brushes are available in a choice of light, medium or heavy grit. This Nobles disk floor scrubber covers a 20" path, applying 50-lbs of pressure at the pad/brush and spinning at 220-rpm for exceptional cleaning power. The floating head ensures that you get great results even when working on irregular surfaces. The unit is highly maneuverable, especially in tight turns since it has a zero turning radius. The console is adjustable to facilitate easy operation for just about anyone.
Power for Hours
The reconditioned Speed Scrub 2001 comes with two new batteries capable of operating for about 2-1/2 hours per charge. This is equivalent to scrubbing about 77,000 square-feet (7163 square meters) of floor surface. The unit comes standard with flashing lights for safety, and it also comes with a 20" pad driver or optional 20" poly brush.
Unit Construction
This is a powerful machine, boasting a 20-amp brush motor that delivers .75 hp at 24 volts. The body/chassis is constructed of durable yet lightweight molded polyethylene. It features a 10-gallon (37.85-liter) tank for cleaning solution, which the unit distributes at a rate of .5-gal per minute. This allows a coverage rate of just less than 5,500 square feet per cleaning solution fill up.
The recovery tank holds 12-gallons (45.42-liters). The center mounted, free-floating squeegee picks up in both forward and reverse and consists of 27" blades made of urethane. The 14-amp, .5 hp, 2-stage vacuum motor produces an airflow of 66 cubic feet per minute at the orifice. The 24-volt, 350-watt vacuum system is capable of a 44-inch water lift at the orifice.
Advantages and Benefits
This 20” Nobles floor machine is easy to operate with its large wheels, zero-turn radius maneuverability and control panel that adjusts to fit any sized operator comfortably. The large solution and recovery tanks make for less down time and the recovery tank is specially hinged to provide easy access for service and maintenance. It features totally automatic operation and even has an automatic vacuum motor shut down for when the recovery tank is full, thereby protecting the unit from damage. This is a great unit at a great price covered by an even greater warranty!


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