Product Spotlight: Tennant S30 Diesel-Powered Rider Sweeper

When keeping commercial spaces clean, it’s crucial to have the right ride-on sweeper. The Tennant S30 diesel-powered Rider Sweeper with cabin is the perfect tool for the job, but purchasing one new costs $43,963. Thankfully, Southeastern Equipment is offering a reconditioned Tennant S30 Rider Sweeper which will end up saving you tens of thousands of dollars versus buying new! Purchasing this Sweeper is the most economical choice for keeping both indoor and outdoor spaces sparkling clean.

Tennant S30 Rider Floor Sweeper

For operators, our Tennant S30 diesel-powered Rider Sweeper comes with the optional cabin. This pressurized cabin protects the operator from loose debris, and it has heat and air conditioning. This ensures that the sweeper can be operated in even the most severe climates and still provide protection from the elements for the operator. The cab-forward design also offers improved sightlines for the operator, which makes using the Tennant S30 diesel-powered Rider Sweeper safe and easy.

In addition to the ergonomic benefits of this industrial sweeper for operators, the one-step sweep button makes it easier for operators to get started cleaning. With just one click, machine operators can be on their way to obtaining squeaky-clean floors. Whether you decide to use the sweeper to clean inside spaces like warehouses, schools or other commercial spaces, or in outdoor spaces like roads, the Tennant S30 Rider Sweeper delivers unrivaled results.

In terms of functionality, the Tennant S30 Rider Sweeper offers top-of-the-line cleaning and air filtration. The sweeper can pick up small particulates like sand and dust as well as pick up larger debris. For air filtration, the sweeper offers a three-stage dust control system.

  • Stage 1: Keeping bulky debris, moisture and dirt in the hopper with the first-stage Perma-Filter
  • Stage 2: Removing fine dust and moisture by redirecting it into the hopper with the second-stage cyclonic filters
  • Stage 3: Filtering sub-micron dust particulates down to 0.5 microns at 99 percent efficiency with a third-stage, flame-retardant, nanofiber canister filter.

These steps ensure that the air output from the machine is clean, resulting in safer work conditions for operators and minimal pollution in the area where the machine is operated.

The amazing functionality of the Tennant S30 Rider Sweeper also includes easy-access panels. These panels allow the machine to be serviced quickly. The latches used to secure parts ensure that no tools are needed for daily maintenance, speeding up service time and maximizing efficiency.

Our Reconditioned Tennant S30 diesel-powered Rider Sweeper with the optional cab has been specially restored so that it looks and performs like new. With less than 15 days of use, the machine is in excellent condition. This specific sweeper comes with the road package add-on, giving it turning signals along with a backup alarm and a beacon light.

With free shipping and a standard warranty of 90 days parts and 30 days labor, why pass up a deal like this? Shop our Reconditioned Tennant S30 diesel-powered Rider Sweeper with a cab now!