28” Tennant T5 w/ EC-H2O series

Floor cleaning has never been safer, simpler, more efficient or cost effective than it is with the Tennant T5 28" disk floor scrubber with built-in ec-H2O™ technology. EC-H2O (Electrically Converted Water) allows the Tennant T5 to clean floors without the use of cleaning chemicals. Not only is the need for general purpose cleaners eliminated in the floor cleaning process with ec-H2O, the benefits provided are fantastic, including:

  • Elimination of health issues that may be encountered when using chemical cleaners such as breathing in harmful fumes, splashing solutions and disposing chemicals into the environment.
  • 70% less water used than with other floor scrubbers and capable of three times the amount of scrubbing per single tank of water.
  • No chemical residue left on the floor after scrubbing. This leaves floors looking polished much longer, thereby reducing the need for stripping, recoating and burnishing.
  • No need to purchase floor-cleaning chemicals. This is a real money saver.

How it Works

The ec-H2O process utilized in the Tennant T5 walk-behind floor scrubber starts with regular tap water which is sent to an oxygenation chamber where it's infused with oxygen. The water is then subjected to an electric current, creating both positive and negatively charged ions having the ability to clean as well as a chemical cleaning solution. The scrubber's pads (or optional brushes) are then able to scrub the dirt from the floor and pull it into the recovery tank. After less than a minute, the electrically charged water reverts back into normal tap water and the used, dirty water is simply flushed down the drain with no harmful effects to the environment.

Slashed Price on Demo Unit

Buying a full-sized floor scrubber isn't an inexpensive proposition but, fortunately for you, we have a massive discount available on Tennant T5 28" disk auto scrubbers previously used as demo units but now completely refurbished and as good as new. All of our reconditioned units have been fully tested, inspected and is backed by a 90-day parts and 30-day labor warranty.

Besides being a great floor cleaner that's easy to operate and keeps floors looking their best, training time for new users is negligible. And a major benefit is the elimination of the environmental impact of manufacturing, transporting and disposing of cleaning chemicals after use. The T5 only uses a fraction of the water used in other floor scrubbing machines and leaves no chemical residue, which also makes it safer because it reduces potential slip-and-fall accidents on slippery floors. EC-H2O technology is also registered by NSF International (National Sanitation Foundation) for use in areas handling food and beverages.


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