How To: Replace the Vacuum Motor on Advance SC750

The Advance SC750 and SC800 walk-behind scrubbers are popular for good reason. They offer simple operation and flexible performance. As things tend to do, the vacuum motor will wear over time and may eventually require replacement.

This article will explain how to replace the vacuum motor on the Advance SC750, SC800, SC750 ST, and SC800 ST walk-behind scrubbers. If you need to order the vacuum motor, you may do so using this link.

Removal and Installation

1. Turn off key switch, drain recovery tank and lift recovery tank up.

2. Cut tie straps securing wiring and disconnect vacuum motor electrical connection

3. Remove vacuum motor cover mounting screws and cover. Note: The vacuum motor cooling fan guard may come off the end of the motor. Do not run the motor without the guard in place. Make sure that it is put back on during reassembly.

4. Remove vacuum motor and foam pieces. Pay attention to how the foam pieces are positioned.

5. Reassemble in reverse order.
    a. Install the cooling fan guard if it is not in place.
    b. Take care to position all the foam pieces correctly.

    c. Make sure the ends of the vacuum motor are seated correctly. (If you have difficulty seating all of the pieces, remove the recovery tank and place it upside down so that the vacuum motor goes in vertically. This way you will not be fighting gravity.)

    d. Route the vacuum motor wiring lead in the slot of vacuum motor cover and install foam cooling fan filter.

For a YouTube video on the Maintenance and Operation of the SC750 and SC800, Click Here.

To check pricing and availability on a new Advance SC750, Click Here.

If you need additional assistance, please contact us via our website or call 1-800-440-6723.


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