How To: Vacuum Better

Vacuuming SUCKS! Here’s How to Do it Better

Despite the emergence of different flooring options over the past several years, carpets have fared well in their popularity due to price, comfort, and available styles. Coupled with the fact that cleaning technologies have grown by leaps and bounds, it’s safe to say that carpets are here to stay and the importance of keeping them looking beautiful cannot be over-stressed. Are you doing all you can to protect one of the most important assets of your business? The answers lies underfoot...and below - so read on.

We’ll discuss 5 ways you could be treating your carpets better which will ultimately save you time and money.

1) Clear the Deck!
It would not be uncommon to find rubber bands, coins, safety clips, even staples on commercial carpets. Remove any debris from floors that could possibly get stuck in the vacuum cleaner. These are no good for your vacuum’s “digestion.” Carpet raking will also loosen the fibers allowing for a more productive sweep. By making sure your vacuum doesn’t suck up what it’s not designed to, you’ll ensure a longer life for your vacuum and your carpet.

2) Slow Down Speed Racer- this isn’t the Indy 500!
No matter how much suction power you are working with, none of that will mean anything if you rush through the job. So just how slow are we talking? As you glide across the carpet, listen closely. Do you hear all kinds of rubble being sucked up? Allow time for the vacuum brush to agitate the carpet fibers the carpet-especially high traffic areas. This will result in a better clean the first time around.

3) Reading Between the Lines
Any professional carpet cleaner will tell you that those horizontal lines of loveliness (otherwise known as vacuum lines) left on the carpet are the cherry on top of freshly cleaned carpets. They’re oddly satisfying, however they are much more than that! Those lines are created by starting at the corner of a room and vacuuming forward and backwards and left to right to the other corner of the room gradually moving back as you cover the entire carpet. Like step 2, this little carpet tango will ensure that you pick up more dust and debris as the carpet fibers are pushed to and fro. Of course if you have shorter or looped carpet these lines may not be visible but this step is still important. If you don’t see vacuum lines you may not be picking everything up! Bonus: If you vacuum your way out of the room you get to stand in awe of freshly cleaned carpet with no footprints-also oddly satisfying.

4) What Does Your Vacuum Have to Offer?
Features and benefits can reduce fatigue, save time, and make the job easier overall, so it’s important to make sure to learn the ins and outs of your machine. Many tend to pick a favorite attachment to use with their vacuum and pass over the others. Take for example the Clarke CarpetMaster 218. The Quick-draw detailing wand with tool compartment is designed to tackle baseboards and other hard to reach tight spots like that small space were the carpet edge and wall meet. Some of the other features include adjustable handle height, brush height adjustment knob, full bag/clog indicator lights, HEPA filter, and non-marking gray wheels. The 69 dBA noise level means it’s quieter than a dishwasher, making it perfect for schools, government facilities, churches, fitness centers and anywhere else low noise levels are important. It’s time to get up close & personal with all the features and benefits that your vacuum has to offer. Your back and your wallet will thank you.

5) The Right Tool for the Job
Let’s close out this discussion with universal rule. If you are not using the right tool it doesn’t matter how hard you work- the job just won’t be done correctly. It’s much easier to change vacuums than to install new carpet so make sure you have something that works for you. Some things to consider: How large is your carpeted area? What type of carpet do you have? Will you need a vacuum to help you with hard surface floors? There are many more questions to ask that will help you find the right vacuum for you. Shoot us an email or give us a call at 1-803-252-0100. Let our Sales Team put their expertise to work in helping you find the right vacuum for you.

Do you agree with these tips? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below.

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