Squeegees 101: The PRO tip buying guide!

 Squeegees 101: The PRO tip buying guide!

Did you know there are different types of squeegee blades and that depending on the type you get, will make all the difference in your floor being squeaky clean or having water spots all over?

Let’s start with the value option: 
  • GUM RUBBER shines when you need a cheap squeegee blade for basic cleaning.
  • They have a low initial cost
  • Usually tan in color
  • They don’t usually have a long lifespan, even when properly rotated (we will cover that more in-depth later)
  • They will deteriorate quickly if used for anything other than water
    • i.e. chemicals or oils
  • They work well for most floors that are wet with water, so if you’re just planning to wash the floors with water and don’t want to spend a lot of money upfront, GUM RUBBER may be a good option for you!

Next, let’s look at the most expensive and best option for cleaning up oils or chemicals: POLYURETHANE
  • POLYURETHANE squeegees are the best option for you if you are mainly cleaning up oils or chemicals
  • Has long wear life for dry abrasion
  • Usually dark green or dark blue in color
  • They are the most expensive option and are great in the specialized areas
  • If you are constantly cleaning oils or chemicals in your area, you should be using POLYURETHANE squeegees to get the job done right!

Now, let’s take a look at the best blade for general purposes; the one you must keep in stock: PREMIUM RUBBER, LINATEX
  • PREMIUM RUBBER, LINATEX squeegees are the best all around option
  • They have great tear resistance, are very resilient, have high water resistance and have a long wear life
  • These squeegees have a higher initial cost than GUM RUBBER but save more money over time because of their long life and durability
  • PREMIUM RUBBER, LINATEX blades are usually red in color
  • If you need a multi-use, high efficiency squeegee blade for an array of different applications, you should purchase PREMIUM RUBBER, LUNATEX blades.

Tired of leaving water trails behind your scrubber?

It is probably time to adjust your squeegee blade!

  1. Squeegee blade assemblies should be adjusted about every 3 months or when streaks start forming behind your scrubber
  2. To adjust the squeegee assembly:
    1. Set the angle so the very edge of the blade touches the floor
    2. Set it to height so that it has even pressure across the entire blade
    3. If the down pressure is too light, there will be skipping or chatter
    4. If the down pressure is too heavy a thin film of water will remain on the floor
    5. You can flip and adjust the squeegee to up to FOUR TIMES the use out of one blade!
  3. When letting the machine set, raise the squeegee assembly so that the squeegee doesn’t become bent
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