Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Protecting Your Investment

Your new or reconditioned floor care equipment has just arrived!

How do you protect your investment?

This is a question many ask themselves after they have purchased floor care equipment. Here are a few tips on how you can protect your investment.

Maintenance Routine
Depending on the make and model of your floor care equipment you will want to perform some and/or these tasks daily...

  • Recovery tanks should be emptied and rinsed.
  • Clean and shut-off filters, make sure to leave lids off so that they can air dry.
  • Solution tanks should be emptied.
  • Brushes/pads should be cleaned and rinsed.
  • Vacuum ports and squeegees should be cleaned 
  • Jets should be cleaned regularly (expert tip: soak jets in a mixture of vinegar and water overnight to keep down mineral deposits.)

These simple preventative maintenance steps performed either by you or an employee (the equipment operator) on the equipment daily can really go a long way in protecting your investment.
A solid maintenance routine can prolong the life of the equipment and catch small problems before they become big ones. Additionally, routine maintenance will reduce costs over time because equipment will perform better and last longer.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Keep Equipment Manuals. Keep manufacturer information where you can find it easily.
  • Follow a daily maintenance task list. Daily maintenance needs usually are listed in the owner’s manual. Create a daily maintenance task list from those recommendations. 
  • Train employees and all equipment operators. Always train a new employee/equipment operator on how to use the equipment.
  • Track equipment use and maintenance.  Keep a record of maintenance, including a description of service and who did the service.
  • Don’t hesitate to call in a service technician. Service technicians are typically factory trained and give you someone to call in when there’s a funny noise or a vibration that doesn't feel right. Catching a potential problem early may save you money and time in the long run. 
  • Budget for replacement costs. Regardless of how well it has been maintained eventually equipment must be replaced. Be proactive and build that replacement cost in your budget You’ll eliminate downtime and improve productivity by being able to replace the equipment right away. 

While following, these steps will ensure you get the most you can out of your equipment, sometimes you might need a little help. At Southeastern Equipment & Supply we know how important it is to have someone to call on when you need help. That is why we offer an extensive inventory of OEM parts, aftermarket parts, have a knowledgeable helpful customer service staff and employ factory trained maintenance/service technicians.

For more information visit our website at www.southeasternequipment.net or call us at 1-800-440-6723 or 803-252-0100.

About the Author:

Emily Martin has been part of the Southeastern team since our start in 2001. Her extensive sales and marketing background makes her an essential part of our marketing group and she works with our Orbio team to deliver new technology options to our institutional customers. Born and raised in SC she has extensive local knowledge, but her bilingual abilities, allow her to work fluidly in Spanish and English markets.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

3 Steps to Keep Your Business Floors Clean During the Winter

Snowy Footprints
When I was thinking of writing on this topic, I realized that this may only benefit a small number of our subscribers.  A number of our customers are either in a warm climate, in the southern hemisphere (where it is currently summer), or you just don't have that much snow.  Where we are in South Carolina, snow comes maybe once or twice a year.  However, the principles of caring for your floors in the winter time can apply in any setting. Here are the tried-and-true commercial floor cleaning tips we recommend:

1. Entrance Floor Mats
This tip is pretty intuitive but incredibly important to emphasize. Snow, rain, slush, and ice can be a huge headache for your business, not only from a safety perspective but also from a floor wear perspective. Salt melt that is tracked into your home or business can be detrimental to your floors.  A manageable solution is ensuring that you have proper matting at your entrance.  Have a good floor mat at your place of entry captures a majority of the salt granules, dirt, and moisture that is tracked in from people's shoes.  It has been recommended to have at least 15 feet of matting to stop most of the contaminants from ever reaching your floors.

Viper ShovelNose Wet/Dry Vacuum
2. Eliminate Moisture
In order to ensure the longevity of your flooring, it’s important to remove moisture as soon as it accumulates. Mops are one solution to this issue, but they aren't able to effectively sop up all of the wetness, and your floors are left slick. If you’re looking to reduce manual labor and increase efficiency, a better option is using an industrial vacuum to suck up puddles and cover a greater surface area. We suggest our New Viper ShovelNose Vacuum—it comes mounted with a 2-foot-long squeegee attachment.

3. Routine Maintenance
Entrance matting is only the first line of defense for protecting your floors.  Most of those in colder climates use some sort of ice melt in their parking lots.  Ice melt is composed of sodium chloride which is very harmful to floors.  Sodium chloride deposits can harm floor finish and create a slippery film.  The best way to combat the salt build up on your floors is regular cleaning with a neutral cleaner.  Neutralizing excess calcium chloride buildup should be near the top of your “to-do” list in order to ensure salt does not fester and become difficult to remove. If you’re looking for a DIY neutralizer, channel your inner chemist and mix vinegar with water.

For a more effective solution, we suggest selecting one of our neutral ph cleaners—they’re specifically designed to lower calcium chloride pH to the base level of 7. After melt chemical residue is removed, apply an industrial strength degreaser to eliminate all remaining traces. If you’re consistent in repeating this process every few days, you can avoid the stress of tackling this daunting project all at once. The neutral cleaner will keep the floor clear of salt and prevent damage to your floors. Keep an eye on the “shine” of your floors. If you start to notice a dullness in your floors, increase the frequency of your floor care routine or burnish if necessary.  A word of warning, be sure your floor is completely clean of salt and dirt before you buff your floors.  If you burnish while there is any residual build-up, irreversible damage could occur.

Caring for your floors in the winter takes a lot of time and energy. Just by taking a few simple steps you can save future costs and labor in repairing or replacing your floors.

Do you have any questions or comments? Let us know by commenting, emailing or give us a call!

About the Author:

Dave Abercrombie started out with Southeastern Equipment in 2002 as an equipment technician and rejoined in March of 2016 to manage their e-commerce.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

28” Tennant T5 w/ EC-H2O series

Floor cleaning has never been safer, simpler, more efficient or cost effective than it is with the Tennant T5 28" disk floor scrubber with built-in ec-H2O™ technology. EC-H2O (Electrically Converted Water) allows the Tennant T5 to clean floors without the use of cleaning chemicals. Not only is the need for general purpose cleaners eliminated in the floor cleaning process with ec-H2O, the benefits provided are fantastic, including:

  • Elimination of health issues that may be encountered when using chemical cleaners such as breathing in harmful fumes, splashing solutions and disposing chemicals into the environment.
  • 70% less water used than with other floor scrubbers and capable of three times the amount of scrubbing per single tank of water.
  • No chemical residue left on the floor after scrubbing. This leaves floors looking polished much longer, thereby reducing the need for stripping, recoating and burnishing.
  • No need to purchase floor-cleaning chemicals. This is a real money saver.

How it Works

The ec-H2O process utilized in the Tennant T5 walk-behind floor scrubber starts with regular tap water which is sent to an oxygenation chamber where it's infused with oxygen. The water is then subjected to an electric current, creating both positive and negatively charged ions having the ability to clean as well as a chemical cleaning solution. The scrubber's pads (or optional brushes) are then able to scrub the dirt from the floor and pull it into the recovery tank. After less than a minute, the electrically charged water reverts back into normal tap water and the used, dirty water is simply flushed down the drain with no harmful effects to the environment.

Slashed Price on Demo Unit

Buying a full-sized floor scrubber isn't an inexpensive proposition but, fortunately for you, we have a massive discount available on Tennant T5 28" disk auto scrubbers previously used as demo units but now completely refurbished and as good as new. All of our reconditioned units have been fully tested, inspected and is backed by a 90-day parts and 30-day labor warranty.

Besides being a great floor cleaner that's easy to operate and keeps floors looking their best, training time for new users is negligible. And a major benefit is the elimination of the environmental impact of manufacturing, transporting and disposing of cleaning chemicals after use. The T5 only uses a fraction of the water used in other floor scrubbing machines and leaves no chemical residue, which also makes it safer because it reduces potential slip-and-fall accidents on slippery floors. EC-H2O technology is also registered by NSF International (National Sanitation Foundation) for use in areas handling food and beverages.

Friday, September 23, 2016

What Type of Floor Equipment Fuel Source is Best for Your Business?

Technological advancements have made floor-maintenance equipment easier and more efficient to use, as well as safer to operate. The industry has also developed a huge range of different types/sizes of equipment designed to clean and maintain just about any surface, both indoors and out.

Equipment Choices
There are plenty of options when it comes to floor care equipment, including more than just types and sizes but also a choice of energy sources or fuel types used to power them. You can opt for electrical, power-corded or battery-operated motors or for propane, gasoline or diesel powered engines. It all comes down to what type of cleaning you’ll be doing, where you’ll be doing it, how much area needs to be covered in what amount of time, and how much you’re willing to spend on the equipment.

battery energy power

Power Options
The power source you choose for your floor-maintenance equipment should be guided by the size of the jobs you’ll be performing, whether the work will take place indoors or outdoors and the ease of accessibility to your required fuel. Consider these points:

  • Machines utilizing electric power cords are generally for smaller, entry-level equipment such as buffers/burnishers or vacuums. They have an endless supply of power that’s as nearby as the closest electrical outlet.

    These electric floor cleaning machines are primarily for smaller, indoor floor maintenance jobs where having an exposed cord, which can be a tripping hazard for passersby, is not an important consideration. They're popular for use in office settings, where maintenance is done after hours, but not as much in medical facilities or nursing homes, where 24-hour foot-traffic may be ongoing.

  • Battery power is often found on walk-behind or small ride-on scrubbers or sweepers. Average run time is about 2.5-3 hours, and recharging will typically have to take place overnight, causing significant downtime between jobs. Lead-acid batteries, the least expensive and most commonly used, must be maintained regularly or premature replacement may be necessary. Battery-powered floor maintenance machines are front runners for environments without any access to electrical outlets, and the typical workload is three hours or less.

  • Propane-powered equipment, such as propane floor buffers and burnishers, are by far the most popular for industrial floor maintenance use. There is generally a ready supply of propane available, since industrial companies utilize other heavy-duty equipment in their operations that also use propane. Propane power is best in areas with adequate ventilation, since they emit some CO2. They work well for larger jobs like retail malls and schools where cleaning is done after hours.

  • Gasoline and diesel-powered equipment may be used only for outdoor operations because of dangerous emissions. Units like diesel floor scrubbers and sweepers are the most popular choice for outdoor sweeping equipment.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Product Spotlight: Tennant S30 Diesel-Powered Rider Sweeper

When keeping commercial spaces clean, it’s crucial to have the right ride-on sweeper. The Tennant S30 diesel-powered Rider Sweeper with cabin is the perfect tool for the job, but purchasing one new costs $43,963. Thankfully, Southeastern Equipment is offering a reconditioned Tennant S30 Rider Sweeper for $32,900, saving you $11,063. Purchasing this Sweeper is the most economical choice for keeping both indoor and outdoor spaces sparkling clean.

Tennant S30 Rider Floor Sweeper

For operators, our Tennant S30 diesel-powered Rider Sweeper comes with the optional cabin. This pressurized cabin protects the operator from loose debris, and it has heat and air conditioning. This ensures that the sweeper can be operated in even the most severe climates and still provide protection from the elements for the operator. The cab-forward design also offers improved sightlines for the operator, which makes using the Tennant S30 diesel-powered Rider Sweeper safe and easy.

In addition to the ergonomic benefits of this industrial sweeper for operators, the one-step sweep button makes it easier for operators to get started cleaning. With just one click, machine operators can be on their way to obtaining squeaky-clean floors. Whether you decide to use the sweeper to clean inside spaces like warehouses, schools or other commercial spaces, or in outdoor spaces like roads, the Tennant S30 Rider Sweeper delivers unrivaled results.

In terms of functionality, the Tennant S30 Rider Sweeper offers top-of-the-line cleaning and air filtration. The sweeper can pick up small particulates like sand and dust as well as pick up larger debris. For air filtration, the sweeper offers a three-stage dust control system.

  • Stage 1: Keeping bulky debris, moisture and dirt in the hopper with the first-stage Perma-Filter
  • Stage 2: Removing fine dust and moisture by redirecting it into the hopper with the second-stage cyclonic filters
  • Stage 3: Filtering sub-micron dust particulates down to 0.5 microns at 99 percent efficiency with a third-stage, flame-retardant, nanofiber canister filter.

These steps ensure that the air output from the machine is clean, resulting in safer work conditions for operators and minimal pollution in the area where the machine is operated.

The amazing functionality of the Tennant S30 Rider Sweeper also includes easy-access panels. These panels allow the machine to be serviced quickly. The latches used to secure parts ensure that no tools are needed for daily maintenance, speeding up service time and maximizing efficiency.

Our Reconditioned Tennant S30 diesel-powered Rider Sweeper with the optional cab has been specially restored so that it looks and performs like new. With less than 15 days of use, the machine is in excellent condition. This specific sweeper comes with the road package add-on, giving it turning signals along with a backup alarm and a beacon light.

With free shipping and a standard warranty of 90 days, why pass up a deal like this? Shop our Reconditioned Tennant S30 diesel-powered Rider Sweeper with a cab now!

Monday, June 27, 2016

Environmentally Friendly Industrial Cleaning Trends

cleaning the world

The industrial cleaning market is expected to reach $50.24 billion by the year 2020. Given the sheer magnitude of this booming industry, it’s not hard to find examples of the use of industrial cleaning products all around us. Many chemicals used have been proven to be dangerous to the environment. It’s for this exact reason that many companies are moving toward more environmentally friendly industrial cleaning solutions. Operating in an eco-friendly manner has many benefits for commercial cleaning companies, but the most important is the impact on the environment, and ultimately, people. Maintaining green practices is critical to making sure that we are respectful of the earth’s resources and the environmental spaces that exist around us. Read on to learn more about emerging environmentally friendly trends in the commercial cleaning industry.

Many industrial cleaning products contain hard-to-source minerals. To maintain environmentally friendly practices, these minerals should be gathered ethically. The Conflict-Free Sourcing Initiative, or CFSI, is an organization dedicated to developing and ensuring best practices for mineral sourcing. Recently, its membership has been bolstered by several industrial cleaning companies joining the ranks by following the standards set forth by the CFSI. This is just one way that industrial cleaning product companies are beginning to minimize their environmental impact, and we can expect to see more of this trend for years to come.

Another trend within the industrial cleaning market is the use of natural and non-toxic industrial cleaning products in conjunction with the use of machines and equipment. These products are manufactured without the use of ammonia, acids, harsh caustics, dyes, fragrances, chelating agents, silicates or butyl depending on the specific product. Using products that have non-toxic chemicals can reduce or eliminate the harm caused to the environment, namely toxic waste finding its way into rivers and other water reservoirs. Using environmentally friendly products also gets rid of toxic or chemical irritants in commercial spaces where these cleaners are used. This is important, because frequently these cleaners destroy the ecosystems to which they are exposed. In addition to the environmental impact, these chemical compounds can cause skin irritation or contact dermatitis for people who are exposed. The use of non-toxic chemicals is one trend that we’re sure to see more of over time.

One more way that cleaning companies are affecting their environmental footprint is through reduced water usage. Traditional cleaning methods can have a huge impact on water conservation efforts, and industrial cleaning equipment has been known to use tons of water while cleaning commercial spaces. New cleaning methods have resulted in diminished water usage. For example, the dry-centered carpet cleaning method uses 99.5 percent less water than a water-based cleaning system. This is approximately 50 gallons for every 10,000 feet of carpet cleaned! Advancements like these are at the forefront of environmentally friendly developments in the commercial cleaning industry.

Although it may seem like the industrial cleaning industry is making miniscule changes, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Many of these improvements can result in a substantial positive change in the way that companies handle toxic waste. Ultimately, preserving the planet and its resources is of paramount importance, and trends in the commercial cleaning industry support this goal.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Product Review: Windsor Chariot iScrub 26” Floor Scrubber


When it comes to efficiency and productivity, equip your office or commercial space with a walk-behind floor scrubber that surpasses the rest of the competition. The Windsor Chariot iScrub is easy to use and a huge money saver in energy costs. And to save you even more money, we’re offering this 26” used and fully reconditioned model here at a very small fraction of a new unit’s list price.

Our reconditioned Windsor Chariot iScrub, a 26” cylindrical auto floor scrubber for sale at Southeastern Equipment & Supply has only 437 hours (18 days) of previous use. We’ve taken special care to replace parts and accessories that experience the most wear and tear, such as filters, hoses, brushes and vac motors, as well as crucial performance items, such as batteries and chargers.

Agile Cleaning

This Windsor Chariot floor machine is designed to scrub cramped, high-traffic areas, making it an ideal solution for schools, hospitals and office buildings. The difficulty in cleaning such spaces is in accessing tight little corners and maneuvering around people and objects, but the 26” cylindrical iScrub is compact and narrow enough to overcome those difficulties. Its full-circle visibility allows the operator to spot obstacles and safely navigate around them. The unit can be moved to any room or hallway in the building and even rolled right into an elevator with people already inside.

Straightforward Cleaning Control Dial

It doesn’t take a genius, nor an extensive amount of training, to operate the Windsor Chariot iScrub. It has a smart control panel with seven preset modes, which include low- and high-speed transport options, an EcoMode, normal and heavy cleaning options, a vacuum-only mode and a double-scrub mode, to optimize cleaning performance. Each level is depicted with clear images, which removes the uncertainties of vague drive controls and allows for more consistent cleaning.

Save Energy With EcoMode

One programmed level you may find yourself using the most is the EcoMode. On EcoMode, the Windsor Chariot iScrub will scrub using less battery, water and pressure and emit less noise, which is perfect for day cleaning during normal business hours while the building is occupied. By being able to run without interrupting the day’s workflow, it essentially pays for itself in saved energy costs because it scales down the amount of electricity needed during the night.

Combined with simple drive controls, the ability to navigate complex environments and the handy EcoMode, the Chariot iScrub is a leader in productivity. Find a beautifully reconditioned unit here at Southeastern Equipment & Supply.